Publish date: 20 May 2021

Telehealth has been operational since 2011/12 and was set up by community matrons in conjunction with Liverpool CCG. Telehealth is a nurse led service to monitor patients at home using eTchnology. The team work with patients who have diabetes, COPD and heart failure and use technology to monitor health, including oximeters, and help to reduce hospital admissions. 

There is also a COVID-19 pathway which provides support for patients that have been diagnosed with, or have suspected symptoms of COVID-19 and would benefit from closer monitoring for signs of deterioration.  On the day of the QRV the team gave a comprehensive introductory presentation and overview of their services and service delivery.

The team is highly efficient in service provision, with data to support this i.e. pre-Covid Telehealth had monitored over 14,000 Liverpool patients, resulting in a 25% reduction in hospital admissions, nurses were monitoring 1,900 patients on daily basis with long term health conditions (HF, COPD and T2 diabetes, and Telehealth has monitored 5,500  patients with a diagnosis of, or suspected Covid-19. 1701 referrals since October 2020, 3,500 shielding patients provided with support, 2680 welfare calls made to shielding patients, and 57 ambulances were called. In addition, the service's internal systems are effective in developing staff training, support, patient contact and service delivery. The service grew and adapted to effectively address COVID patients during the pandemic and trained redeployed staff to facilitate this. Feedback from service-users has been very positive and complimentary. 

Staff interviewed reported that they are well-led and supported, and that they are happy in their work- they feel that they make a difference to their patients. Throughout the QRV inspection they rated as good plus across a number of fields in all domains, and were able to provide data as support in evidence of this. Therefore, the team were able to achieve an overall rating of good plus.

Well done to all.