Publish date: 19 May 2023

Stafford House has received an ‘Enabling Environment’ award from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. This is a prestigious national recognition for Stafford House’s focus on creating a positive and effective social environment where healthy relationships are seen as the key to success.

Stafford House is a Psychologically Informed Planned Environment (PIPE). It is one of around ten Approved Premises nationally which have become a PIPE. An Approved Premises (AP) is a risk-management service which helps reduce recidivism for people on probation. Individuals stay at an AP  following release from prison. As a PIPE, Stafford House uses a relational approach to reduce re-offending and improve the wellbeing of men who screen onto the OPD Pathway.

The 24 hour service is delivered by specialist staff from Mersey Care and the Probation Service. Clinical lead is Dr Cormac Duffy of Mersey Care and the Operational Lead is Phil Lawrenson of the Probation Service. The team support people on probation as they make the initial, often quite daunting, transition back into the community from prison. This includes an expansive schedule of groupwork and dedicated keyworker sessions. Core to the service is staff development with the team receiving clinical supervision and regular training.

The service recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. It is part of the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) Pathway, a partnership between NHS England and HMPPS. Mersey Care is a long-standing member of the partnership with a highly integrated local OPD network.

Ryan Aguiar, our Head of Phycological Services, says: “There is quite a lot of prestige attached to this award. It’s great to give them a shout out and share this excellent news widely – many congratulations to the team.”

To find out more please contact Dr Cormac Duffy –

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Back - Brian Molloy (keyworker), Ruth Lyon (Keyworker), Clare Bell (Residential Support Worker), Phil Lawrenson (Operational Lead), Dr Cormac Duffy (Clinical Lead)


Front – Kate Robinson (Regime Lead), Tina Bilbao (Residential Support Worker)