Publish date: 5 November 2021

The Rotunda Day Programme would like to hear from secondary mental health professionals. This specialist therapeutic community service based in Liverpool supports people with severe and enduring complex interpersonal, emotional and behavioural problems. The service may benefit those looking for an alternative to traditional psychiatric services. It is a therapy programme focused on change and has been successful in running for 20 years.

The programme emphasis is on assisting members to understand their difficulties, the meaning of their behaviours, and the impact these have on their relationships.

The Rotunda is facilitated by experienced psychotherapists, but sessions are run by a self led group, rather than being primarily staff led. This provides an opportunity to discuss and explore the types of relationship difficulties which occur, and to make links to help people understand where their problems have originated.

As a democratic model of treatment, a key group principle is the “culture of enquiry”. All aspects of a member’s behaviour, relationships, and difficulties within the group are open to feedback and discussion and are considered as part of their therapeutic work. Members are actively encouraged to help and support each other in addressing their own difficulties.

Discussing relationships can lead to the experiencing of painful, confusing or long forgotten feelings but ultimately may help people have a better quality of life, including in forming close and safe relationships. This is done by the group helping one another to cope with their personal histories, engaging with and recognising their feeling states and developing healthy adult relationships.

Involvement in the group lasts for 12 months, and there is an ongoing transition group which meets once a month for members who have completed the programme. Membership of the transition group is for a further two years.

For more information contact Richard Curtis: or call: 0151 250 6128.