If you need any support or if you have any questions with projects, presentations, pull up banners, posters or leaflets, or business cards visit this page, and tell us what you would like help with.  
The Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust logo can be found here.

  • Use plain, clear English that can be understood first time and explain any jargon that you must include - especially 'hidden jargon' which may only be familiar within the Trust
  • We don't use ordinals – we write dates as 1 April, 12 May, 31 July and never use nd, st, rd or th 
  • Clip art, drop shadows and jazzy callouts should not be used
  • Abbreviations, ampersands (&) and obliques/italics (/) should not be used.

If you have to say to your audience ‘you probably can’t read this’ – you need to rewrite that slide
If you start to read out your own slides – stop! They should support what you are saying but are no substitute for engaging with your audience.

Use the most up to date corporate template, remove all clip art and delete any pixelated or stretched pictures.   

Here you will find a how to guide for producing a video using a mobile device. Click on the image below to download.

video guide image.png