Publish date: 12 August 2022

The consultation on proposed changes to office base, incorporating hybrid working, will close on 12 August. Every member of staff involved from Hollins Park House, Babbage House, V7 building and Puma Court must have a one to one with their manager* as part of the consultation. If you’re a manager, or a team member and you’re having difficulties in arranging these meetings, please seek advice from:

*Any member of staff who doesn’t want a one to one, should still complete the one to one template (link below) to say that they’re happy with the moves that are being proposed.

Managers are asked to keep a record of meetings (on the one to one template) to capture each team member’s views - even those who are happy with the proposed changes.

Colleagues may request attendance at one to ones by representatives from HR or Staff Side. Colleagues who want a union representative to support them should make these arrangements to tie into the scheduled meeting.

Managers responsible for completing one to ones with colleagues should complete the four steps below.





Sent to

Step 1 – complete 1 to 1 with each Team Member

1 to 1 Template


Mid Mersey Division-

Corporate Division-

Community Division-

Step 2 – complete Issues  Summary sheet

(when all 1 to 1s are carried out)

Issues Summary

Hybrid Working Project Team

Step 3 – complete Team Planning Template (alongside 1 to 1s)

Team Planning Template

Your Senior Leadership Team

Step 4 – Team Planning Summary

(when all 1 to 1s are carried out)

Team Planning Summary 

Hybrid Working Project Team