Publish date: 5 August 2021

I want to keep staff in the loop about plans for the site and the future of services in Whalley.

I’m part of a group which bring together clinicians, staff side, estates and comms people to look at the future of the site.

You will all be aware of the predicted closure of the Whalley site, set for 2023. We’re committed to working to keep the hospital in the NHS family and you’ll have seen external guests looking around. We’re progressing plans for new services in Maghull.

The group are looking at how best to use the site. Back in the day, it was a very busy location and we know empty buildings and offices can be off-putting as well as a poor use of public money. Decisions like shutting areas are difficult and we are looking at the right balance.

There are plans for important events at St Luke’s now restrictions are easing. We want to commemorate Remembrance and Christmas and then consider closing it. Other buildings, including the 3-5 West Drive wards and Bank End Barn will be closing soon. We’re looking at how to best use the big buildings: main admin and the medical block as well and will be reducing these to one building. The PMVA suite will be relocating – we’re discussing where at the moment. And there’s the contraction of ESS as well.

I know this can be unnerving and our first priority is that service users feel safe and supported. Their care continues and my concern for staff is always central.

We are thinking of events and ways to share the spirit of the site. We’ll be holding an exhibition of some of our historical artefacts, items from the war and the old hospital, and I am keen to hear from you about how we manage them respectfully and as part of the community. We’re linking in with partners who may be using the site in the future: they are really aware of our history and great traditions.

Please be assured there will be no staff redundancies as a result of closing or moving offices. We’ll be talking to all staff about any changes that may affect you. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

Julia Musker, Head of Service