Publish date: 28 October 2022

Jill Pendleton, receptionist within our Halewood Walk in Centres, sadly passed away recently.

Jill has worked for the Trust for many years and was cherished by all who knew her. Her colleagues would like to share their fond memories of Jill, who will be sadly missed by many:

“We all have wonderful memories of our lovely Jill and she could never be replaced. She was “HALEWOOD”, her laughter, sense of humour, caring nature, and compassion were all her best qualities. She was a friend to everyone and very well respected by all who knew her. I have lost a wonderful friend and she will be sorely missed. Our team will never feel quite the same.”

“I would like to say that the support Jill gave me in my role was irreplaceable. She is only the second person I have ever met who I never heard anyone say a bad word about. We all know we are not liked by everyone but Jill genuinely was. It will take a long time to accept her passing and I can’t begin to imagine how her family are feeling. I hope this goes a small way to express my feelings for Jill.”

“All I can say about Jill was that she was THE perfect workmate, every single shift was an absolute JOY with her. You smiled if your name was on the rota with her because you knew you would have a good shift and a laugh with her. She was always 100% professional, was wonderful and caring with the public and her colleagues alike, going above and beyond to help anyone. She was so proud of her children and granddaughters. She would make you smile if you felt a bit low, listened to your woes and always remembered to ask after things when you saw her again. We, as her friends, have lost an absolute star and she can never be replaced, we were absolutely honoured to have had her in our lives.”

“I met the unique, lovely Jill when I joined the Trust in 2008.  Jill’s was the first face I saw who welcomed me to my interview and wished me all the best. When I then joined the Halewood team, Jill was the only existing member of reception staff at that time who worked in the Halewood old building. Jill played a key part and helped me so much in the clearing and closing of the old building, whilst we also recruited new staff in preparation for moving to the huge new Halewood centre that was in the process of being built. We grew the reception team from 1 staff member (Jill) to 12 staff members in preparation for the opening of the new site. Jill supported me and the new team immensely during this hectic time, she made a huge impact on everyone she met and her support was key and second to none during the following years to myself and all of her colleagues. It was an honour to know Jill and I can honestly say that Jill was the most loyal, amazing, hardworking, supportive and genuinely kind person I have ever had the pleasure to meet, work alongside, and also call a friend. Jill’s sad loss is immeasurable to all her friends and everyone who knew her and she will be greatly missed.”

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has donated pet toys, food and treats for Jill's collection.