Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services

Mersey Care aims to ensure that all staff are provided with an environment and opportunities that encourage and enable them to lead healthy lives and make choices that support their wellbeing.

Our occupational health and wellbeing service is an advisory in-house service for all staff. The service offers advice on how health can affect work and how work can affect health. It also advises on physical and mental health issues and develops programmes and initiatives to enrich wellbeing in the workplace. You can learn more about the role of an occupational health service here

Mersey Care's occupational health services are confidential and include:

• Immunisations and vaccinations

• Physiotherapy

• Psychological Support and Counselling

• Health and Wellbeing- visit our Staff wellbeing hub.

The team operates out of two sites as per the table below:

Switch House site

Hollins Park site

Switch House

Ground Floor,  

Northern Perimeter Road,



L30 7PT

         01925 664 010   


Hollins Park House

Hollins Park

Hollins Lane




01925 664 010


Management Referral Form

Occupational Health and Wellbeing only accept Management Referrals from the Empactis - Employee Health Management System

For colleagues referred to Occupational Health by their manager, please read the What to Expect guide.


You can self-refer to Occupational Health by using this form and sending to OHWB@Merseycare.nhs.uk

Colleagues can now only self-refer for physiotherapy via Empactis Health Manager. For more information on how to complete this self-referral service request, please click here