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The Cheshire & Merseyside Resilience Hub are here to support all those working in the NHS, Social Care & Emergency Services within Cheshire & Merseyside. We are mindful that your staff may be affected by the conflict in Ukraine for many different reasons.

We want to reassure you that it is normal to experience feelings of anxiety and worry. The CMRH website has a range of resources about coping with anxiety, worry and stress (purple tabs). We’re also working to identify other sources of support as and when we can. If you or members of your organisation do need further help and support, they can self-refer to the hub for a psychological assessment and space to explore and consider support needs. The links below contain helpful information in regard to dealing with anxiety and stress. There is also an attachment around self-care.

Managing anxiety during the Ukraine crisis - a guide for everybody by Sian - Sian Williams Media

  1. The stress vulnarability model of mental health 
  2. Reset: Decompress Your Body and Mind - YouTube
  3. Practical ways to help yourself cope | Facebook (
  4. Anxiety

Communications from the Health Secretary – Sajid Javid, have also been released. This letter contains important information for staff members in regards on going visa options.

For veteran staff members – we understand that at this time your feelings, thought processes and general day to day activities can be affected in many different ways. If you find yourself needing extra support, here are a range of first hand services who can provide help:

We’re here to help support you.