Publish date: 12 August 2022

We have received a hot weather alert from the met office, as it is expected to heat up during this week.  NHS England have released guidance on how to cope during the heatwave.

For those working on wards, please take note of the below measures which can help to keep yourself and patients cool:

  • Open windows, if appropriate
  • Utilise the electric blinds / curtains to block the heat from the sun
  • Chilled drinks / fluids should be regularly offered
  • Ice pops will be available
  • Monitor fluid intake and complete a NEWS assessment, if appropriate
  • Offer regular changes of clothing and bed linen
  • Ensure cool damp facecloths and towels are available
  • Rooms should be cleaned and freshened on regular basis
  • In line with patient’s individual Care Plans, access to fresh air, baths / showers, and social contact should be offered
  • As advised by Pharmacy, use sun cream to prevent sunburn
  • Where possible, use bedrooms and seclusion rooms that are not in direct sunlight
  • Identify vulnerable patient’s and ensure appropriate Care Plans are in place
  • Fans can be utilised to keep patients in seclusion / segregation cool
  • On HSS wards, the PIP’s team can be contacted in order to request additional periods of social contact or open-door assessments to allow ventilation into individual rooms.

Please note:

  • Seclusion hatches / pill windows are significant ligature points, if left open. If they need to be opened to provide additional ventilation, they must be continually observed, and necessary risk assessments undertaken
  • Fans must not be used if a patient is presenting with suspected Covid-19 criteria, and symptoms should be reported immediately.

Please see attcached our Heatwave Plan and follow the action cards contained within in preparation for the hot weather.