The Trust's SuppoRTT Champion is Dr Nish Babu-Mathew

Supervisors and Trainees

As part of Health Education England “Supported Return to Training” (SuppoRTT) programme, Health Education England North West have provided  guidance, that will require support and action from Clinical / Education Supervisors if they have a trainee of any grade who takes time out from their training programme.  

The guidance suggests that trainees who have a period of absence of three months or more should adhere to the principles and necessary forms with their Supervisor. If a trainee is absent for a period less than three months, they may still wish to follow the processes outlined and should also discuss with their Supervisor.

Time out can include; maternity leave, shared parental leave, carers leave and sickness. It may also include a formal out of programme period including; experience, research, training and career break.

The purpose of the Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) guidance is to enhance the experience of doctors returning to clinical practice, enabling them to regain their confidence and previously required skills quickly and safely, significantly benefiting patient safety and quality of care.


Health Education England Supported Return to Training Guidance

Health Education England Individualised Action Planner


Health Education England Pre-Absence Meeting Form

Health Education Initial Return Meeting Form

Health Education Review Meeting Form