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The guidance on this page relates to Mid Mersey division staff who transferred from North West Boroughs Healthcare on 1 June 2021. 

The Medical Workforce and Education Team are committed to providing Consultants, SAS doctors, Trainees and Medical Students with the knowledge, skills and expertise required to develop and maintain professional standards and adapt to changes in health care and deliver service continuity. 

All policies and procedures relating to medical staff terms and conditions of service, pay etc are located on the policies and procedures section of YourSpace.

If you can't find what you are looking for, contact: ​​​​(Consultants/SAS/Trainees) (Medical Students)

or telephone 01925 664483.

Director of Medical Education - Indira Vinjamuri, Tel. 07467357527,

Associate Director of Medical Education (Postgraduate) - Ashley Baldwin, Tel. 07919 923387

Acting Associate Director of Medical Education (Undergraduate) - Simon Tavernor, Tel. 0151 250 5086,

Medical Education Manager - Dawn McLoughlin, Tel 07817 952695,

Academic Events (stand-alone) - Charlotte Eyres, Tel 07435 411456,


Clinical and Educational Supervisor Status - Jyoti Amin, Tel 0151 471 2320, and Charlotte Eyres, Tel 07435 411456,

Concerns about Doctors in Training - Dawn McLoughlin, Tel 07817 952695,

Junior Doctors Forums -  Medical Staffing,

Junior Doctors Inductions - Charlotte Eyres, Tel 07435 411456, and Jyoti Amin, Tel. 0151 471 2320,

Junior Doctor Rotations, Placements and Approval of Training Posts - Dawn McLoughlin, Tel 07817 952965,

Medical Students (4th and 5th Year UoL; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year EHU; Physicians Associates EHU) -   Helen Tierney, Tel 07786 968207,, Nicola Gurrell, Tel. 07880 136523,, Laura Donkin, Tel. 07789 485864,

Local Academic Programme Morning (Tuesdays) -  Helen Bickerton, Tel. 07880136506,

Study Leave - Helen Tierney (Mid Mersey), Tel 07786 968207/01925 664477, and  Helen Bickerton (Mersey Care), Tel. 07880136506, 

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Advice and Support - Helen Tierney, Tel. 07786 968207,, Laura Donkin, Tel 07789 485864, and Nicola Gurrell, Tel. 07880 136523,

Work Experience -

Dr Steevart Durairaj (Yr 5 University of Liverpool) -

Dr Andrew Kiridoshi (Yr 5 University of Liverpool) -

Dr Brid McMahon (Yr 4 University of Liverpool - inc CAMHS) -

Dr Marian Catalan (Yr 4 University of Liverpool - inc CAMHS) -

Dr Nish Babu Mathew (Yr 4 University of Liverpool) -

Dr Aashish Tagore (Yr 4 University of LIverpool) -

Dr Kathryn Naylor (Edgehill Yrs 1,2,3) -

College Tutors/Educational Supervisors

Dr Fiona Craig (Sefton) -

Dr Ross Mirvis (Secure/Ashworth) -

Dr Dineka Gray (Secure/Rowan) -

Dr Gemma Harpin (Southport) -

Dr Geetha Jaganathan (St Helens) -

Dr Malarvizhi Selvaraj (Knowsley) -

Dr Alison Leech (Halton) -

Dr Nismen Lathif (Warrington) -

Dr Rajashekhar Madgula -

Dr Nish Babu-Mathew (Liverpool) -

SAS Lead

Dr Nismen Lathif  -

GPST Tutors

Dr Debbie Marsden -

Dr Gopalakrishna Chinnari -

FY Lead

Dr Kate Wood -

Dr Gopalakrishna Chinnari -

LTFT/Support Lead

Dr Nish Babu-Mathew -

Psychotherapy Tutor

Physician Associate Lead

Dr Rajashekhar Madgula -