Update 23 March 2022

From 1 April 22 there will be a new appraisal system, L2P, which stands for Licence to Practise.  

Trust Appraisal and Revaliaton Lead: Kathryn.Naylor@merseycare.nhs.uk

Trust Medical Revalidation Officer: Helen.Bickerton@merseycare.nhs.uk 

You will receive a ‘Welcome’ email from support@l2p.co.uk

Please check your bulk email / spam folders (and white list if necessary) with a link to click on and set up a password and sign the terms and conditions (required for GDPR).

Please take a few minutes to read the information below. If you have any initial questions, please contact mwed2@merseycare.nhs.uk in the first instance.

What you need to know:

1. Your appraisal month

Once you login to the system you will notice an information panel with your Timetable – which tells you when your appraisal is due.

How we determine this date:

  • This is the date (month) of your next expected appraisal. The date set is normally your expected yearly anniversary from your last appraisal due date;
  • To spread out appraisals over the year, in order to alleviate the pressure on appraisers, it is possible that your next appraisal period may be longer or shorter than a calendar year;

We will advise you of the 2022 date in the coming months.

2. Enter Essential information

We are only asking you to use L2P for your Appraisal, and also for you 360 Multi-source feedback, when it comes due.

But please note: as well as being an Appraisal System, L2P allows you to store (and share) all of your other regulatory documentation (such as your medical indemnity and ICO certificates) for your convenience (especially if you practice anywhere outside of this organisation).

You need not add any of this information if you do not wish to. If you do wish to then simply click the “HR Info” button at the top of your page.

3. Information you do NOT need to enter:

We will be adding your past appraisals and where appropriate MSFs from Allocate over the next few weeks so please do NOT upload any historical data.

4. What to do if you have not completed your appraisal on Allocate

Appraisals for the 2021/22 cycle should be completed and signed-off by 29 March 2022. If this has not been possible, a PDF copy of your data will be migrated.

Unless you are completing this year’s appraisal, please do not now access your appraisal on Allocate or request set-up of a new MSF from this date onwards as it will no longer be available to you and we would ask you to only use L2P.

5. Doing your appraisal and logging supporting information

Unless it is time critical, we suggest that you do not start this year’s appraisal on L2P until your past appraisals have been uploaded. If you wait, then when you open this year’s L2P appraisal you will see that any information which goes from one year to the next will already be in your appraisal waiting for you. This is:

    • Your personal details;
    • Scope of work;
    • Last year’s agreed PDP (already copied over from your Allocate appraisal).

If you commence this year’s appraisal prior to your past appraisals being uploaded, then you will need to manually add this information.

6. Security

Please be advised that the system has been vetted against rigorous security standards. We are comfortable that your information is extremely well-protected both from hackers and from password attacks – any member of the administration team has bank grade security devices that must be present to enable them to gain access to the system – in addition to their own passwords.

7. As an appraiser…

As an appraiser you will have a mini “Appraiser dashboard”. This can be accessed from the Navigation bar at top of your home page. From there you will be able to view the appraisals of your doctors.

To do so simply click on the ‘Status’ lozenge or name of any given appraisee and it will take you directly to their appraisal.

8. Quick start video guides

Quick Start for:


Help for appraisers:

16 March 2022 Update

We are imminently embarking upon changes to our electronic system providers for job planning and appraisal. This is in order to unify systems and simplify reporting across the trust.

With the annual job planning and appraisal cycles almost closed, now would seem an opportune time to make these changes – as we don’t anticipate significant activity in these areas for the coming months.

From early April 2022, both medical appraisal and job planning will be managed via www.l2p.co.uk

A confirmed go-live date will be forwarded, alongside any induction training, if required, in due course.

Please be aware that we will no longer be using our allocate systems from 31st March 2022 onwards. Any outstanding job plans / appraisals on allocate should be signed off before that date.

We are currently working with providers to ensure that no data is lost with the transfer of historical appraisals and job plans into the L2P system. There is no requirement for you to be involved in this work.

Should you anticipate any problems eg. you are currently in the process of collating MSF via allocate, or currently have a job plan that has not been signed off on allocate – please do let us know as soon as possible.

Dr Noir Thomas

Medical Director


The primary aim and objective of appraisal and medical revalidation is to support the development of individual doctors to achieve the standards set out by the General Medical Council (GMC).

Revalidation of licensed doctors will be required every 5 years and is based on comprehensive appraisals being undertaken over that 5 year period. Therefore all doctors must participate in an annual appraisal.

Mersey Care, Mid Mersey Appraisals 2021

  • Each doctor has been allocated an Appraiser (email circulated 13/07/21)  If you are unsure please contact MWED2@merseycare.nhs.uk.
  • Doctors should check who their Appraiser is and  if they feel there is a conflict of interest. They may submit an appeal by completing the attached form and send to the Medical Workforce and Education Department mwed2@merseycare.nhs.uk  who will forward to myself to review.  Likewise, if an Appraiser or another doctor feels there is a conflict of interest between the allocated Appraisee and Appraiser, they should complete and submit the form.
  • Doctors should contact the allocated Appraiser and agree a date for their appraisal meeting as soon as possible.  The date must be at least 9 months since your last appraisal and no later than 15 months or the Trust deadline of 28/2/22, whichever is the earliest.  The date of last year’s appraisal and dates for 9 and 15 months are on the summary spreadsheet.
  • Advise the Medical Workforce and Education Department, mwed2@merseycare.nhs.uk of the date of the appraisal meeting so they can input to the Allocate appraisal system.
  • Ensure that your appraisal inputs are completed two weeks before the appraisal meeting.
  • Ensure that the appraisals are signed off within 14 days after you have had the appraisal meeting.
  • Ensure your scope of work is fully explained in the appraisal meeting and Declaration of Interests in relation to gifts, hospitality, outside employment etc is made on the Trust website.  https://merseycare.mydeclarations.co.uk/home?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
  • Complete the Supervisor Appraisal Reflective Practice form, forward to your Appraiser to complete the last section and then upload it to the  ‘Clinical/Educational Supervisor Development’ page of your appraisal.

An appraisal is:

  • An opportunity for doctors to reflect on their professional practice and development needs.

  • An opportunity to align individual development with service organisational development.

  • "Strengthened” appraisal with quality assurance is the cornerstone of medical revalidation

You have been set up with an appraisal and 360 Folder on L2P - to access - www.L2P.co.uk


If you don't have any log in details for L2P then please email Medical Education and Workforce Team on MWED@merseycare.nhs.uk or telephone 01925 664483.