To support you psychological wellbeing, we have developed a new group programme to replace the Riding the Waves and Drains and Radiators sessions. We have listened to your feedback and evolved the content to bring you Journey to Wellbeing.

The aims of the programme, dates and booking information are outlined below.

Welcome to the Journey to Wellbeing

In this session we will discuss the holistic elements involved in wellbeing improvement, including self-care, the stress response and personal resilience using an individualistic approach.

Session aims:

  1. To understand how wellbeing can be improved and identify barriers to wellbeing.
  2. To understand what self-care is, how it is different for everyone, be able to identify own self care practices and how it impacts wellbeing.
  3. To understand the stress response. How it works and the effects on psychological and physical health.
  4. To know the hormones involved with stress, mood, and mental health.
  5. To identify the difference between good coping strategies and poor coping strategies.
  6. To be aware of the Staff Wellbeing offer and where to go for support if needed.

Please note: This is not a therapeutic session, if you require support from our Psychological Therapies team please see  Access to Staff Psychological and Mental Health Support

Initial dates are listed below. The session duration is approximately 2 hours and is hosted on Teams.




Thursday 25 July 2pm Book a place for this session
Friday 23 August 10am Book a place for this session
Monday 23 September 10am Book a place for this session
Thursday 10 October 2pm Book a place for this session
Friday 29 November 2pm Book a place for this session