Do you know a colleague who has done something that really made a difference, or has demonstrated our values? Then send a thank you to them.

Receiving a thank you lets you know your hard work has been noticed. Not only that, the thank you automatically goes into your PACE and the great news is that the system automatically notifies your line manager so they are aware of the great work you are doing.

How do I say Thank You?

Simply click the say Thank You button on the right hand side and enter the details of who you would like to thank and why. After submitting your colleague will receive an email notifying them they have received a thank you and will be able to see the details. Every time you say "Thank You" this will be captured in your Personal Achievement and Contribution Evaluation (PACE) and is an example of our value Enthusiasm.

If you receive a Thank you, the details will be captured in the PACE system and will help your discussions about values and behaviours.

Remember when saying thank you to select which value your colleague has displayed, examples are below:

Say thank you to someone who is committed to making improvements in our service for the benefit of all.

Say thank you to someone who takes ownership to anticipate, develop and deliver high quality care

Say thank you to someone who treats others in an inclusive and supportive way.

Say thank you to someone who demonstrates passion and pride for what they do and how they do it.

Say thank you to someone who actively supports others with compassion and courage.



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