Publish date: 8 June 2021


Public Health England and Government set out guidance that all NHS staff need to wear surgical face masks unless in an office on their own (COVID-secure area). All staff, clinical or non-clinical, working in a clinical or non-clinical area, must wear a surgical face mask when at work, and when moving between different areas. This applies to staff working in all of our Trust sites and everyone working on our Trust sites, for example, contractors.

All staff are reminded that where practicable, we should all adhere to social distancing. Staff should also always complete thorough hand hygiene and frequently decontaminate surfaces. Good ventilation of spaces is also important in reducing the risks of COVID-19.

The wearing of surgical face masks by all staff in non-clinical and clinical areas of our settings will play a significant role in reducing further transmission of COVID-19.

Thank you for your co-operation.