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The guidance on this page relates to Mid Mersey division staff who transferred from North West Boroughs Healthcare on 1 June 2021. 

What is the Physical Health In Reach Hub?

The Hub includes a range of allied health professions / physical health specialists:

  • Speech and language therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • Podiatrists
  • Moving and handling
  • A tissue viability nurse

The clinicians are available to in-patients where the provision is currently not part of the ward offer. You can view the eligibility table.

The professions will work on the ward to provide the expert assessment and a care plan for intervention as needed. The Hub offer aims to improve the physical management and care for patients through supporting staff to enhance their physical health skills or by providing direct patient care.

When a need is identified by the ward, a referral is made via an internal referral on RIO. It is important that you follow the specific SOP for each referral, as this will ensure that your internal referral is received by the correct part of the service. View the SOP for referrals here

How will I know my referral has been received and processed?

By accessing RIO and checking open referrals, you will be able to see the accepted referral.

What happens to rejected referrals?

If a referral you make is rejected for a particular reason, you will receive an email by the practitioner who has declined the referral, and they will provide a reason for the referrals rejection; and where appropriate, the practitioner will give advice for onward referral.

How quickly will the patient be seen?

Each profession has expected response time targets dependent on the urgency of the referral. This could range from one working day to 10 days. The SOP document show the response times for the different professions and clinical conditions.

How will queries be dealt with?

If you have any general questions then feel free to email us at:

If you have any profession specific queries then you can contact the services directly or if you know the named professional who is allocated to your patient then you can contact them directly.

Profession Name Email Contact
​Dietetics Megan Daly

0151 290 4327
0151 290 4330
Physiotherapy 0151 244 3391
Speech and language therapy

Krystina Crolla -Barker

Vicotria Allanson
0151 244 3383
Tissue viability Elaine Forster
0151 676 5443
Moving and handling Jason O'Flaherty 07867 353 454

Janette MacGlashan

Katie Grindley
0151 290 2002
0151 676 5462