Publish date: 10 November 2021

Please join us for our virtual Clinical Senate on Monday, 15 November, 1pm to 5pm on Zoom. This event is open to all clinical colleagues across Mersey Care and we’d really value your time and contribution.

Mersey Care’s Clinical Senate has been established as a source of clinical advice, guidance and leadership. It will contribute to and support the Trust to enhance quality and safety and deliver our strategic aims. The Clinical Senate is a broad, diverse and multi-professional forum of health and care professions representative of the organisation. Membership will encompass the full spectrum of the services provided by the Trust. 

What we want the Clinical Senate to achieve is an empowered and informed forum of clinical leaders. We believe that by working collaboratively using networking tools like this, they can add significant value and support to deliver the Trust’s Clinical Strategy.

You can learn more on YourSpace.

Attendees are asked to get involved and demonstrate support for antibullying week by wearing odd socks!

Amanda Oates, Executive Director of Workforce asks: “Can all colleagues on the clinical senate send someone a ‘thank you’ via our trust ‘thank you scheme’ and send one kind word to another colleague. Remember the impact of incivility and disrespect is huge. Kindness fuels kindness, the more we give the more we get!”

Please confirm your attendance to: You can also book via the prospectus under section nine ‘events’ using this link.