Publish date: 23 May 2024

The Trust currently has two separate instances of the Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) and Pharmacy Stock Control (PSC) system. As part of the wider Trust systems harmonisation project, the medicines management digital team is working hard to merge the systems into a new and upgraded single instance of EPMA and PSC.

When is this happening?

The Medicines Management Digital Team has been carrying out final checks of the EPMA and Pharmacy Stock Control system. Unfortunately, EPMA user acceptance testing and a recent System Advisory Notice from the system supplier have highlighted issues which could impact patient safety. This issue has been reviewed by the Digital Team in collaboration with our Medicines Safety Team and the Trust’s Chief Nursing Information Officer and all are agreed that the EPMA go live date, originally planned for 18 June, cannot go ahead. Discussions are underway with system supplier, System C to agree timescales for resolution.  

Aspen Wood EPMA go live will continue on Tuesday, 25 June. However, this will be on the existing EPMA system rather than the new system. 

Plan ahead

The issues do not impact the Pharmacy Stock Control system, which will still go live in Maghull dispensary on 10 June, and Hollins Park dispensary on 11 June. Therefore, all staff should still plan and prepare for department closures.  

Due to the preparation required for the pharmacy stock control system upgrade, the dispensaries at both Maghull and Hollins Park will be closed from 5pm Thursday, 6 June to 8.30am Tuesday, 11 June. During this time, we will be operating an emergency only service.

All medication including controlled drugs, outpatient, short term leave and discharge prescriptions will need to be ordered before 12pm on Tuesday, 4 June to guarantee delivery before the prolonged closure.

1. Look out for your new login information

This will be sent from

2. Attend information sessions

Information sessions will be available for staff to find out about the upgraded functionality and system enhancements. This is your opportunity to ask the digital pharmacy team questions.

Dates will be announced when the new go live date is agreed.​​​​

3. Prepare for the EPMA go-live transcribing by reviewing drug charts and discontinuing any unused or unnecessary prescriptions, suppressing any old patient notes or drug notes, identifying indications for any CDs, Chapter 4 BNF drugs or antimicrobials. More information can be found in this transcription infographic

4. Watch information videos on new functionality that will be available soon on the LMS. There is no requirement for you to attend formal training for the new system, but you can book onto training if you feel in person training is more suitable for yourself. Updated quick reference guides will also be available.

  • Reduced transcription of patients medication on ward transfers
  • Drugs will be listed as generic items
  • There is an ability to add indications to drugs for some drugs this will be mandatory.
  • There is a new body map functionality for sites of administration
  • There is a new right click functionality to make accessing other areas of the system quicker.
  • There is a new PRN history view to allow easier access to when required, medication administrations.
  • Side by side views for discharge prescribing and pharmacist verification of medication
  • Improved prescribing and medicines management functionality
  • Improved business continuity process for system downtime
  • Dose ranges.

If you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade, please contact and one of the project team members will get back to you.