Publish date: 5 November 2021

It’s Psychological Professions Week from 15-19 November and there will be free virtual conferences hosted by the Psychological Professions Network (PPN) throughout the week.

There will be a variety of presentations taking place during the week from a range of practitioners giving you the opportunity to come together and learn about how the Psychological Professions Vision for England is being delivered.

Here is the timetable of virtual sessions that will take place throughout the week:


Monday 15 November

Put People First

Tuesday 16 November

Transform Our Communities

Wednesday 17 November

Make All Health and Care Psychological

Thursday 18 November 

Unite and Increase Diversity in the Psychological Professions


Friday 19 November 

Transform and Innovate


Involving us: The power of shared decision making  


Children's and young people's mental health in the pandemic - how can we help?

 Make all health and care psyhological


Equality and diversity and inclusion: Working towards equity of access in the pyschological professions


How can we benefit from the use of measures in psychological therapies?



What are the psychological professions networks doing in your region?

 What's new for psychological wellbeing practitioners and low intensity approaches?



Thinking of a career in the psychological professions? An introduction to new roles


Improving career pathways in psychological professions 


Growing leadership talentts in psychological professions

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