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  • Hot weather is expected this bank holiday weekend. It's important to look after our patients and yourself.

  • Information on CQC registration

  • Tues am Local Education Programme Programme - Feb 23-July 23  

  • Yesterday CQC inspectors continued their inspections of our secure and learning disability services by visiting Rowan View Hospital and Marlowe and Byron Wards at Hollins Park Hospital. An interview…

  • Our inspection continues, on Tuesday evening inspectors visited Clock View, and yesterday they returned to Clock View, visited Peasley Cross Hospital inpatient services, Windsor House and revisited Broadoak Unit to inspect Harrington Ward

  • Message from Prof Joe Rafferty

  • We have received a hot weather alert from the met office, as it is expected to heat up during this week.  NHS England have released guidance on how to cope during the heatwave. For those…

  • During hot weather, and to assist in keeping all of our patients comfortable, staff are requested to please follow the measures listed below