Watch our short video below which explains how easy it is to have the flu jab.

Watch the short video below around what you can expect when you go for your flu jab

Make your appointment for your flu and COVID-19 boosters on the Simply Book site here. Both will be administered at the same time. The Maghull Health Park vaccination centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and late til 8pm on Wednesdays.

Joe Rafferty says: “The efficacy of vaccinations has been proven time after time during this last year. As healthcare professionals and providers, we should be seen as leaders. Clinically vulnerable people are six times more likely to become seriously ill from COVID-19 than their peers. Together with the risks of flu transmission, that puts us all in a very clear position of responsibility.”

Watch our short animation about the importance of having your flu jab.

Flu was a much lower concern in 2020/21, as people were masked and locked down at home. For example, at the height of the flu season in January, out of 3.9 million patients at 385 GP practices in England monitored by the Royal College of General Practices, only 35 people had the flu. At that time, as one national newspaper reported, the flu positivity rate was basically zero.

But in previous years an average of 1,700 people died in England from flu (28,000 in 2014/15) and countless more will have been seriously ill and infected vulnerable people. This year, we expect flu to be back with a vengeance and praying on a population less prepared. The effects of COVID-19 on vulnerable people are very clear and the pressures on healthcare services are well documented and close to many of our own experiences.

In Mersey Care, we are replicating our successful Maghull COVID-19 vaccination centre with a flu centre there this autumn. There will be five lanes open throughout, with 800 appointments a week over the next 15 weeks: enough for all staff.


Our registered nurses will administer your flu protection in one arm and your COVID-19 booster in the other arm.

This will be a half dose of Pfzier for most people, delivered no sooner than six months after your second dose. Our software will confirm the details and we’ll arrange a further appointment if you had your COVID jab more recently.

We have plans for vaccinating inpatients in place, prioritising the clinically extremely vulnerable and over 70s. It’s important that service users, patients and all staff are protected.

We understand this and have jabs available that meet strict religious and ethical criteria. We are happy to discuss your concerns. Although the jabs are not mandatory, we strongly encourage all staff to protect themselves. It’s our own duty of care to you and all senior staff are leading by example by having their jabs.

We’re using the same location on the Maghull Health Park, Villas Road, as we did for the COVID jabs earlier this year. The vaccination centre is part of the site which includes Ashworth, Rowan View and Indigo. It’s off School Lane by Junction 1 of the M58. It’s about 1 km walk from Maghull North station. There’s parking and toilets in the nearby Indigo building. Here is a link to a map and site map.


We understand that some staff will need extra time to come to Maghull. Travel will be paid and we will have mutual aid opportunities for staff again in Whalley and areas of Mid Mersey. Separate comms will be issued about accessing closer hospital sites.

Keeping everyone safe to practice, safe to stay well and safe not to infect others.