Event date: 3 July 2024, 1.00pm to 1.30pm

Event categories:

  • Trust wide

Open to any member of staff new to mindfulness or with experience.

Meeting ID: 976 0117 2411

Passcode: Mindful=1

Mindfulness is an innate human capacity. Children often meet their present moment experience with interest and curiosity.

As adults we can train ourselves to bring friendly interest and curiosity to the present moment - increasing our mindful awareness of our body, mind, senses and the world around us. 

The Mindful All-Party Parliamentary Group completed a report, Mindful Nation UK (October 2015), following their research and inquiry into the evidence base on mindfulness. It recommends the availability of Mindfulness Based Interventions in the NHS for physical and mental health difficulties and to support staff. Mindfulness is not a panacea or quick fix.

However, a regular ongoing practice has been found to be useful in a number of areas supporting physical, mental and emotional well being and resilience through an integrated mind/body approach.

It is best offered or introduced to a person at the right time in their life and adapted programmes of mindfulness have been developed to meet the needs of people experiencing particular concerns.

Mersey Care staff hold regular sessions for any colleague to join and we’d welcome you to attend.