Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust  is committed to providing high quality learning pathways for all colleagues. The trust’s apprenticeship team are here to advise and guide managers and staff with all aspects of apprenticeship provision from funding to finding high quality apprenticeship education.  

Apprenticeships are not just for school leavers. We currently have over 400 staff on apprenticeship programmes from Level 2 Healthcare Support to Level 7 Advanced Clinical Practice and Level 2 Customer Service to Level 7 Senior Leader. There are apprenticeships for every occupation and job role and professional qualifications including degrees, professional registrations are embedded in the apprenticeship standards.   

By working together, we can ensure that our workforce receives the investment and development it needs, to become a highly skilled and flexible work force able to meet future healthcare and organisational challenges. 

Through the Apprenticeship Levy we are able to fund both newly recruited Apprentices and existing members of your team through their course of study with no financial impact on teams or divisional finances.   

Apprenticeships are work based learning programmes, therefore any apprenticeship course undertaken must be directly related to your current or future role. Its this link to your day-to-day role or access to a new role will allow you to achieve the competencies of the Apprenticeship.

Each apprenticeship standard has an occupational profile that is outlined to ensure that your role will suite the course of study and give you the best opportunity to succeed.

All apprenticeships that have been developed and approved can be found through the Institute of Apprenticeships.  From the Institute you will be able to find all apprenticeships that are currently available, the occupational profile and assessment criteria. 

To simplify the search for an apprenticeship, we have created a few documents that associate roles within the NHS and Mersey Care with Apprenticeship standards. These documents can be accessed and downloaded below.  

For any advice or guidance please contact the Trust Apprenticeship Team.

To apply for the apprenticeship, you will first need to complete a Levy application form, which can be found HERE. 

This form needs to be completed your line manager in conjunction with you the applying apprentice.  Once completed all funding application will be reviewed by the Work Force Development Education and Training  Group. Upon approval applicants will be moved to formal application with apprenticeship provider