Publish date: 17 August 2022

Steve has been nominated by Diane Jones, Life Rooms Coordinator Southport as "he is an exceptional volunteer meet and greeter always smiling, welcoming and very knowledgeable and supportive to all our members and very supportive to myself and all the staff".

Steve has planned coffee mornings for LGBTQ+ in Sefton, based upon his own knowledge and research of lack of services and support. He wanted an informal place for LGBT people to meet and developed a plan.

The group meets once a month on a Friday morning at Southport Life Rooms.

Steve has also been nominated by George Sullivan, Equality and Human Rights Lead, who says "As a member of staff and an LGBT person I have been to the meeting myself and what I have observed is Stevens total commitment and enthusiasm. Steven makes everyone feel welcome and takes account of the more quieter and reserved people. Steven generates a lot of discussion and makes sure everyone has the chance to have a say. What Steven has created is a safe space where members can raise issues and be directed to further support which may be part of the learning offers".

For further information about the Life Rooms services, please visit their website.