The lead for this workstream is Lisa Simpson.

  1. Fit for purpose CYPMHS service specification eg. clarity for how to respond to CYP with SEND/behaviour/social care crisis
  2. Standardise the iThrive offer across mid Mersey
  3. Standardise the BIBS/BABS model consider resources and economy of scale
  4. Design a fit for purpose CYP crisis model/workforce to deliver full 24/7 offer with evidence based crisis avoidance/community treatment.
  5. CEDS benchmarking data and transformational plan to support demand
  6. Review the MHST LTP and consider plans to support schools prior to covering 100 percent CYP school age population (NHSE funding)
  7. Review all current and future transformation plans consider shared learning eg. PCN ARRS role / complex needs hub
  8. Consider 0-5yrs offer in CYPMHS and Perinatal.

These meetings have discussed the context of the workstream and agreed actions.

Priorities have been set which include iThrive mapping for all services and a review of service specs and a focus on the CRT clinical service delivery model.


September update:

  • Crisis Response Team (CYP) 24/7 model in place and operational. Home Treatment Team to go live October 2023 as planned. Continued recruitment challenges but progressing well
  • NHSE ARRS role, operational model drafted - steering and mobilisation group in place weekly, establishing across all PCNs
  • CYPMHS front door model – all CYPMHS teams now achieving the KPI (first appt within six weeks), one of the best positions regionally. All teams achieving the KPI for second appt.

May update:

  1. New CRT (For CYP) workforce. Recruitment is challenging, though is improving and we have recruited 16 WTE which his 60 to 70 percent
  2. MHST pathway is being reviewed to explore differences in place and review consistency in core offer and decision making.

March update:

  1. New Crisis Response Team (for CYP) model: Workforce and recruitment is challenging, currently recruited to (50 to 60 percent and there has been progress). There are weekly Senior Leadership Team meetings, and a project plan is in place to monitor progress.
  2. Crisis Resolution Team will change base to Knowsley Recovery and Resource Centre (planned for March).
  3. 18 to 25 model: strategic discussions are ongoing about the direction and next steps.
  4. NHSE ARRS role (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme) – Warrington East Primary Care Network (pilot site) for two CYPMHS practitioners, and operational model is being drafted, steering and mobilisation groups have been arranged.
  5. Gateway model continues to be supported and operationalised in all Mid Mersey places - at place there are discussions around the complex needs offer.
  6. Cheshire and Merseyside provider collaborative Sweden trip - Swedish colleagues to visit in March 23. Action Learning Sets in place to support developments and C&M CAMHS design workshops are arranged.
  7. Assessment and treatment models are being reviewed across CYPMHS to support consistency and patient access.

January update:

  1. Crisis model recruitment is taking place and the expanding team will move base in February to KRRC.  
  2. Lead practitioners in teams to offer support crisis team. There are still some posts left to fill.
  3. Target is changing from 24hr target to 4hr target.
  4. There has been a recent learning trip to Sweden to inform the Programme of Change across Cheshire and Merseyside. 


November update:

  1. New CRT (CYP crisis) model approved at Trust collaborative group – staff consultation started on 14 November for 30 days
  2. Currently being recruited to (50 to 60% progress)
  3. A further CRT staff engagement event in early Nov (Q&A) - positive re participation to shape the model
  4. 18 to 25 model, engagement with Adult Mental health colleagues taking place with a follow up staff engagement event to be arranged Jan 23
  5. NHSE ARRS role – Warrington East PCN (pilot site) for a CYPMHS practitioner – operational model being drafted – workshops in place
  6. C&M provider collaborative Sweden trip to review CYP delivery models – inpatient and community care Nov 22.

October update:

  1. Focus on CRT / crisis model – mapped the patient journey against 24/7 access and home treatment model / co-produced with stake holders with positive feedback / workforce model in place
  2. iThrive mapping and CYP logic model reviewed across services – levelling up discussions in progress
  3. July 22 staff engagement /co-production event held to start to discuss the 0 to 25 model. External stakeholder event planned for October. Follow up staff engagement / co-production event January 2023 – then an options paper will be drafted for the 0 to 25 model for consideration / approval and agreement for implementation starting spring 23.

September update:

  1. There has been a focus on CRT modelling, we have mapped the patient journey against 24/7 access and home treatment model
  2. iThrive mapping across mid mersey services has been completed – levelling up discussions are in progress.

August update:

1. We have focused on CRT modelling, mapped the patient journey against 24/7 access and home treatment model

2. iThrive mapping across Mid Mersey services has been completed and levelling up discussions in progress

3. In July a staff engagement and co-production event was held to start to discuss the 0-25 model and an external event is planned for October

4. There will be a follow up staff engagement and coproduction event in November, and an options paper will be drafted for the 0-25 model for consideration and agreement for implementation starting Jan 23.