Staff helplines 

If your call is urgent, and out of hours, please contact your division’s on call manager via the switchboard (0151 473 0303).

If you have any further questions, please contact your HR Team or your Union representative.

Manager should report COVID related absence to: and Information to be included in this proforma.

All employees report directly to their line manager. This includes sickness and COVID related absences such as self-isolation. 

Secure Division employees (ward and rehabilitation staff from Ashworth Hospital, staff at Rowan View, Auden Unit and Rathbone Low Secure Unit) should call the Clinical Support Office on 0151 471 2422.

Medical colleagues have their own reporting system via the medical staffing manager.

These numbers should be used for:

  • carers leave (time off for dependents)
  • bereavement leave
  • self-isolation for COVID-19
  • any absence and to report returning to work so that the absence can be closed. 

Reference requests, agency notices and Home Office references               
Signed and approved timesheets
Bank recruitment
Healthroster support, training, advice, roster builds
Bank Staff Annual Leave requests or balances
For queries relating to medics
For queries relating to our secure division bank
For queries relating to Local Division bank
For queries relating to SPLD bank
For queries relating to Community Division bank


Operating from 8am to 9pm seven days a week email (as below) or call: 0151 471 2338

We use Language Line for interpretation service for word for word interpretation. 

Telephone interpretation can be pre-booked, or used in an emergency to deal with an immediate communication difficulty. To support Attend Anywhere book remote Language Line interpreters to attend video virtual clinic appointments. The service is available 365 days per year covering over 120 languages. More information here.

Language Line can be used with Attend Anywhere

Booking an interpreter: online booking system here.  

For Attend Anywhere bookings use the access code: 415789. 

Should you have any access issues you can contact Language Line on 0845 310 9900, option 2.

A quick reference guide here on the staff hub.

Helplines for staff (in the news)

BBC Radio Merseyside interview (starts at 32.46 minutes to 45.52 minutes) the crisis resolution home treatment team and Denise Carey, operational manager for 24/7 urgent care mental health discuss mental ill health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further support

If you’re struggling in any way, please talk to your manager or access any of our services listed below – we’re here to help.

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Do you have COVID-19?

Stay safe while isolating at home if you have coronavirus, you can visit the staff wellbeing hub for further support.

Working from home?

Download the working from home wellbeing Checklist. For those areas that you find particularly challenging, visit Every Mind Matters website that has tips to help you working from home.


If you need any support, please speak to your manager or: