The lead for this workstream is Lisa Simpson.

  1. Complete the CREST demand and capacity modelling in all CYPMHS
  2. Complete safer staffing benchmarking
  3. Standardise caseload numbers and ensure clinical supervision / audit framework
  4. Complete a CYPMHS mid Mersey training needs analysis
  5. Scope skill mix
  6. Develop a CYPMHS Workforce: Recruitment and Retention strategy/ 5-year plan with greater career progression (non-core JDs) / HEI links to support recruitment
  7. Workforce charter and values and behaviours

This group has discussed the context and actions.

The current workforce position mapped for the four CYPMHS team to support mutual conversations and current pressures.

To priorities the development of a workforce strategy to support recruitment and retention the group has reviewed the workforce profile of 2021.

An organisational effectiveness plan will include a CYPMHS canvas and a mega conversation with the teams to support engagement and participation.

August update:

1. The workforce has been mapped for all services roles, bands, recruitment – levelling up discussions taken to collaborative group and shared with finance to support planning

2. An organisation plan has been drafted which includes staff engagement events, leaders ‘leading change’ events, workforce virtual mega conversation etc

3. An external stakeholder event is planned in October to support transformation

4. CReST demand and capacity modelling is ongoing, further modelling for the 12 month forward view for all services then this will be taken back to all teams.

September update:

  1. Key partners/stakeholders have been  identified and attended (Warrington Safeguarding, St Helens and Knowsley
  2. In July the work was  prioritised from the  deliverables in a SMART way. The CAMHS SOP is being reviewed to reflect the changes in the pathways
  3. There are sub groups now from within the pathways – to lead on their actions: Psychological therapies, psychiatry, are two of these
  4. Workstreams leads/reps identified and workstreams have met for their initial meeting and further meetings will be fortnightly.