The lead for this workstream is Gel Sutton.

  1. Review all CYP clinical docs including outcome measures/goals
  2. Streamline admin: both the number of tasks and time resource - develop a standard
  3. Develop a fit for purpose CYP care plan and safety plan
  4. Review ROMS to support CQUIN 40 percent target for two (same) baseline measures
  5. Review GOALS – process/reporting
  6. Implement effective alert usage for CSC/SG/Risk
  7. Optimise reportable data from Rio
  8. Review digital offer.

Project Description

The aim is to complete an overall review of CYPMHS RIO documentation, to ensure they are streamlined and fit for purpose across CYPMHS services.

To maximise the quality and reportability of the information on RIO. 

  • A RIO Rep is unavailable until August due to merger commitments.

August update:

1. Priority focus areas have been agreed

2. Risk documentation, alerts, safeguarding, ROMs, Safety Plans and care plans

3. Currently focused on safety plans and how they can be adaptable for services but in-keeping with the trust’s remit

4. Also focus on T4 data collection to optimise RIO

5. Local CYMHS services have been collaborating with workstream.