Reading materials

  • Nova Reid has written “The Good Ally Book” to serve as a guide for our journey to become anti-racist, supporting us to move from being bystanders to changemakers. 
  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have shared a guide for line managers on how they can play their part in tackling racism in their teams.– existing link doesn’t work.
  • Although targeted for school children, BBC Bitesize have provided key guidance principles for what we can do if we hear racist language in the workplace.
  • The Royal College of Psychologists have published a “Racism and mental health position statement”, sharing a list of recommendations for NHS England to consider  
  • Read more around public perceptions on Systemic and Institutional Racism and what we can learn in this Ipsos Mori Research piece
  • Wendy Ashley has written a journal article about the impact of pejorative Stereotypes on Psychotherapy with Black Women
  • This Journal Article explores “the role of implicit prejudice in the categorization and perceived emotional intensity of racially ambiguous faces”
  • Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga has written a book about Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process (2009). You can also read about this in her journal article
  • Another Book you could read is The Race Conversation: An essential guide to creating life-changing dialogue (2021) by Eugene Ellis – “written to help us take an honest look at who we really are. It is here to help us dig deep”

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