We have relaunched our anti-racism perfect care goal. Mersey Care has zero acceptance of racism, discrimination, and unacceptable behaviours from and toward our workforce and our patients, service users, carers and families.

We are reaffirming our commitment to actively oppose racism and acknowledge that we have previously not done enough. We are committed that we will do things differently from now on.

The core principles of our new anti-racism plan are:

  • support
  • education
  • challenge

Within a restorative, just, and learning culture we will hold ourselves and each other to account for being actively anti-racist. This approach allows us to unapologetically and purposefully identify, discuss and challenge racism.   

Click the video link below to watch our launch event

This is an active message and we will continue to provide resources for you to access to support your own exploration on becoming anti-racist.

We welcome and encourage you to explore your own reflections on this important agenda and see how you too can become actively anti-racist. See our additional information link for the slides presented at the launch event, and a series of prompt questions to support your reflections.  

We are working with Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre to offer Racialised Trauma support to staff in the Trust.

There are two types of support avaliable:

One to one sessions

Online, confidential, one to one intercultural therapy sessions for colleagues from racially minoritized groups and can be offered in a range of languages. The sessions are a safe place to share and explore your emotions, to explore difficult workplace interactions that feel like they stem from others’ perceptions of your culture or race.

How to access

Staff who would like to access these sessions will need to complete the self referral form. Completed forms should be sent direct to referrals@nafsiyat.org.uk.

You do not need to copy anyone into the email, but you may need to speak to you line manager to support your time out of team duties.

Group reflective practice sessions

Reflective sessions provide safe and confidential spaces for colleagues to process and reflect on work and organisational issues. In its simplest form, a reflective session is thinking about or reflecting on what you do. It is closely linked to the concept of learning from experience, in that you think about what you did and what happened and decide from that what you would do differently next time.

Participants will engage with facilitators and peers to explore shared issues, gain support, and work towards an equitable experience in their organisations. The reflective session enables us to understand ourselves better, our knowledge and understanding, our skills and competencies, and workplace practices in general.

These reflective sessions will be facilitated by Nafsiyat therapists and held online using the Microsoft Teams platform. Sessions are scheduled for the following dates and will either have theme to focus or will be facilitated as an open session. 

Sessions will last for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Date Time
8 September 2023 3pm
25 September 2023 11am
3 October 2023 3pm
26 October 2023 10am
13 November 2023 1pm


Find out more about these sessions on YourSpace.