Publish date: 28 July 2022

In February 2018, the NHS staff council agreed changes to NHS Terms and Conditions of Service, clarifying new arrangements for colleagues progressing through pay bands (Pay Progression).

Due to the pandemic, the implementation was paused. However, as of 1 April this applies to all colleagues employed under Agenda for Change NHS Terms and conditions of service.

There is a new policy available on the intranet (HR43) for all colleagues to access which identifies the requirements of pay progression. However, to support line managers with meeting the requirements of pay progression and undertaking pay step meetings, a short elearning package has been developed that must be completed.

The elearning ‘350 Pay Progression Guidance 2022’ is accessed through ESR, and completion will be recorded to ESR to support compliance reporting. The training is estimated to take 15 minutes.

We ask for this elearning to be completed as soon as possible to allow for pay step meetings to be undertaken as required.


For additional information and guidance please see the attached document.