Publish date: 28 July 2022

For the attention of all rostering mangers and deputies within the newly created Mental Health Care Division

The Trust has been working with Oceansblue, a specialised healthcare analytics company who work in the area of rostering. They’ve completed an overview of Mersey Care’s current rostering practices and as a result, have suggested the use of Ward Guardian as part of our Eroster system. Ward Guardian drives rostering improvements by issuing timely, tailored guidance to Eroster managers, it’s also a huge reporting time saver and should lead to:

  • Reduced bank/agency staffing costs
  • Reduced staffing shortages leading to improved patient outcomes
  • Reduction of overtime usage and associated costs
  • Uplift in staff wellbeing and retention through increased roster stability and reduced shortages.

Ward Guardian has already been implemented in some inpatient wards within the former Local Division and some Liverpool place based nursing teams. From September/ October 2022 (date to be confirmed) our aim is to implement Ward Guardian across all other teams within the new Mental Health Care Division.

In order to get the full benefits from Ward Guardian, Eroster managers must be competent in the use of Health Roster. Therefore, we are organising a significant programme of training from the middle of August 2022 to the end of September 2022. This training will be one whole day session and will be facilitated by the Eroster team. Managers who have responsibility of rostering, including deputies, are strongly encouraged to book into one of these training sessions to ensure they are confident and proficient in the use of Health Roster. Training on Ward Guardian will be provided at a later date, virtually, for 30 minutes.

Training dates for Health Roster

  • Thursday, 11 August 2022 – All day at V7, King Business Park, Prescot L34 1PJ. Link to book
  • Monday, 15 August 2022 – All day at V7, King Business Park, Prescot L34 1PJ. Link to book
  • Monday, 22 August 2022 – All day at Lecture Room, Liverpool Innovation Park, Edge Lane, Fairfield, Liverpool, L7 9NJ. Link to book  

Please note, for training at Liverpool Innovation Park you will be required to pre-book parking. Please see form attached.

If you have any questions about the project, please email: