Publish date: 24 May 2022

Due to changes in national guidance and the availability of blood glucose monitoring equipment all divisions within Mersey Care will be moving over to the GlucoRx blood glucose monitoring meters from May 22. The new meters will be supplied as and when needed but in the longer term all meters will be changed for the GlucoRx meters.

Several teams have trialled the GlucoRx machine and feedback has been positive. The machines are very similar in functionality to the Roche Nano used widely across the trust so training has been minimal.   

The GlucoRx can measure both blood glucose and blood ketone levels but in the first instance the equipment will only be used to measure blood glucose and only blood glucose strips will be available. In the longer-term blood ketone monitoring strips will be made available.

If the blood glucose meter you are using is no longer working, the GlucoRx meters can be ordered via the medical devices team in the short term. The longer-term plan of ordering for teams is still to be determined but the aspiration is through NHS supplies.

Medical devices team will supply you with blood glucose strips when the meter is provided. Mersey Care procurement is currently working with NHS supplies to enable teams to order the blood glucose strips directly.

An implementation plan is currently being developed for all the clinical divisions regarding roll out of the devices and more information will be circulated on how to access the training video in due course.