Publish date: 8 November 2021

A message from Karina Woodyer-Smith, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Sefton Place  

image-20211108091146-1.jpegThank you to everyone who has applied for one of the outstanding roles at Longmoor House, your commitment has enabled the opening of an additional 16 beds, which ensured our patients received the right care at the right time. Thank you again!

As we enter into further winter pressures there is a need for us to consider opening more beds within the unit, I would therefore like to reach out to you again and encourage Registered Nurses to step forward and consider working within the unit.

While I appreciate all services across the Trust are feeling pressures during this unprecedented time, Longmoor House has to be treated as one of our priorities. The former mental health inpatient unit is now a newly refurbished physical health ward. New facilities include Activities of Daily Living (ADL) kitchens, activity spaces and a range of single and dual occupancy rooms.

Longmoor House will serve patients needing ongoing nursing, therapy and reablement needs, working towards collaborative goals to support timely discharge.

In line with temporary enhancements offered during the pandemic to staff working in services in business continuity, we are continuing to utilise this incentive scheme to current staff at Longmoor House and to those staff redeployed to the service. Please contact the Longmoor House Management team to discuss how these incentives may benefit you. 

Staff that take this opportunity will be redeployed from their substantive post for up to six months, however any potential timescales will be considered.

Before applying for one of the above roles, please speak with your line manager to ensure there is capacity within the team for you to be released.  Once you have that approval, register your interest before Friday 12th  November with the Longmoor Management Team: or

If you would like to apply for bank work in Longmoor House, please liaise with your manager and the Temporary Staffing Office.