Publish date: 15 November 2021

We're marking National Self Care Week 2021 by promoting the support available to families and communities in line with the national theme of ‘choose self care for life.’

Our 'Choose well this winter' graphic below explains the different options available, animations on self care, the five ways to wellbeing, a range of self help guides and information on Mersey Care’s crisis lines for severe mental health issues.

Being winter ready

We advise everyone to make sure they’re winter ready by keeping their medicine cabinet well stocked.

Having items to treat minor illnesses such as pain relief medications, lozenges, cold and cough syrups, antihistamines can save you needing to pop out in very cold weather.

If you need further information about being winter ready, please talk to your local pharmacist.

Self care - image.png

The importance of self care

Urgent mental health support - crisis

Five steps to wellbeing