Publish date: 9 June 2021

Anyone who meets the criteria to join the NHS Pension Scheme but has previously opted out will be reassessed to join under the automatic enrolment legislation as part of the transfer to Mersey Care.

If you are eligible you will be enrolled into the NHS Pension Scheme and deductions will be made from your salary. If you do not wish to be a member of the NHS Pension scheme you can opt out and have the pension contributions refunded through your pay the following month by completing the opt out form. Completed forms must be returned by Thursday 8 July to:

Please read the guidance on the NHS Pensions website before you make your decision to opt out.

If you have pension deductions taken from June’s pay and this causes financial hardship, we are able to process an advance of up to 60 per cent of the amount deducted (this is because there will be an element of tax due on the refund as the pension deduction is tax-free through your pay). To do this, please email Any additional outstanding money will be paid in July’s salary providing the opt out form as been completed.

If you do not opt out within the first month and opt out at a later date, please note the refund of contributions comes directly from the pensions agency and will take longer.

Anyone who is not eligible to join the NHS Pension Scheme will be assessed for the NEST pension scheme (you are likely to be eligible to join the NEST pension scheme if you have retired and returned or if this is your secondary employment) and if eligible will be automatically enrolled. The opt out information for NEST will be sent directly to you. However, further information can be found on their website:

This is unfortunately outside of our control and is a requirement imposed by the pensions regulator.