Publish date: 18 May 2022

On 1 July Mid Mersey staff who claim travel expenses using the Allocate system will move over to the Selenity expenses system. The Allocate system, in use since 2016, is being discontinued and therefore no longer available.  

We understand this is another system change for our colleagues, but it is outside of our control. This update will bring you in line with colleagues in the wider trust who have used Selenity for many years with positive feedback.

You should continue to claim expenses using Allocate for journeys, or other expenses, that take place up to and including 30 June 2022 and submit them for approval before the 5 July deadline to make sure these claims are made in your July pay.

Selenity have provided a timetable to transfer your account over and they estimate this will take around two weeks.

During the first two weeks of July, Selenity will set up your new account and send your login details to your work email. Claims for journeys or expenses that take place from 1 July 2022 are to be claimed using your new system.

A reminder of the approval deadlines is below, please make sure expense claims are submitted in good time for your line manager to approve by the deadline.

Payday month

Manager to complete forms for processing

Cut off for forms to be received by ELT/WIT

Deadline for cut off for expenses


22 June 22

29 June 22

5 July 22


25 July 22

1 August 22

4 August 22


23 August 22

30 August 22

5 September 22


22 September 22

29 September 22

5 October 22

Only those who have claimed expenses in the last 12 months will be automatically given a new account. If you’ve not claimed in the previous 12 months you will need to register using a form on SharePoint and we will provide guidance on that process after we have gone live.

There will be lots of information and guidance on how to make sure your claims are processed on time, look out for messages in the staff newsletter and on the intranet. Once accounts are set up, online resources and videos will be available to help guide you through the process.

If you have any questions, please email