Publish date: 1 July 2021

Consistency of safety planning with people under our care is something our Mid Mersey Patient Safety Panel have identified as an area we need to improve.

Over the next 12 months the Mersey Care eRisk training, including safety planning module, will be rolled out to Mid Mersey staff but in the meantime we are asking staff to take the following steps to improve the consistency of safety planning in our Mid Mersey division.

Dedicated time in your team meetings should be allocated to watch the refresher video below. It is asked that this is done by 31 July 2021 due to the importance of safety planning.

Who should be part of this session

We ask that Mid Mersey staff delivering patient care are part of this meeting and whilst this is primarily aimed at mental health services we recognise that this may benefit staff working in our physical health services also. 

What the video covers

The information included in the video aims to support effective safety planning in response to local incidents and provides:

  • A shared understanding of what safety planning is
  • Hints, tips and prompts you can use when developing a safety plan
  • Information about how safety plans are currently recorded.

The video is approximately 20 minutes long. It is not intended to be an in-depth training session but should support us to improve the consistency of safety planning in our services.

Safety planning is really important so we will be recording and monitoring completion of this training and adding this to your staff training records.

After you have completed the training video in your meetings, please could one person complete this form on behalf of the team to ensure your training is recorded.

NOTE: Anyone who is unable to attend the group service session should allocate time to watch this and complete and return the form separately.

Team managers are also asked to record the completion of the session in My Supervision, here are the steps for how to do this:

  1. Select record clinical supervision

  2. Add new supervision

  3. Select peer/group supervision

  4. Select staff members that attended

  5. Select structured reflection as discussion type

  6. Confirm the date and meeting type (face-to-face or MS Teams)

  7. Upload a copy of the presentation with video transcript (please see related documents)

This is something we need to improve so all records of attendance will be reviewed and monitored by your local assistant clinical directors.