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The guidance on this page relates to Mid Mersey division staff who transferred from North West Boroughs Healthcare on 1 June 2021. 

An employer will not be able to compulsory retire an employee who is aged 65 or over. The retirement policy outlines the arrangements for staff planning to retire and includes flexible retirement options.

There are four types of flexible retirement:

  • Winding Down - Working fewer days or hours in their current post.
  • Step Down - Staff can request to step down from their current role into a less demanding and lower graded (paid) post, which still makes use of their skills and experience. Staff will need to identify and apply for a relevant post in accordance with the normal recruitment and selection procedure.
  • Retire and Return to Work - Return to work as a Trust employee or on the nurse bank. To Retire and Return, the member of staff must identify, apply for and secure a new post in accordance with the normal recruitment and selection procedure.
  • Draw Down - This is only open to members of the 2008 Scheme, and is an individual member of staffs decision on payment of their pension and is not subject to an application to their manager / application for a post, unless they wish to combine with Winding Down or Step Down. Page 8 of 28 Draw down allows members to take part of their pension benefits while continuing in NHS employment. This can be in their current post or different post (subject to application and agreement).

Does an employee have to retire when they reach 65?

The Default Retirement Age (DRA) of 65 was abolished by the government in 2011.  This means that the Trust cannot to compulsory retire an employee when they reach the age of 65 or over

.How do I contact NHS Pensions?

NHS Pensions have a website and a Helpline 0845 421 4000

How do I contact the Pensions Section in the Payroll Department?

The contact number is 0151 430 1115

What happens when an employee wants to retire before their normal age of retirement?

Employees can take early retirement under the NHS Pension Scheme and the minimum retirement age depends on which section of the scheme they are in. However the benefits will be reduced to cover the extra cost of receiving a pension for a longer period.

When does the employee notify their manager of their retirement?

  • Employees who are not in the NHS Pension Scheme are required to give their contractual notice.
  • Employees who are in the NHS Pension Scheme are required to give their manager 4 months’ notice of their intended retirement date in writing.
  • On receiving written notice of the employee's intention to retire, the manager must complete an ESR Form / input to Manager Self-Serve to terminate the employees contract, even if the employee is planning to return to work after drawing their pension.