Publish date: 16 March 2022

Former North West Boroughs staff only granted the purchase of additional annual leave at two points during the year, April and September and requests were made via a paper process.

From now on former NWBH staff will follow the process in place within Mersey Care for the purchase of additional annual leave using the SharePoint electronic system.

The purchase of additional annual leave can be requested at any point throughout the year rather than twice yearly but the non pensionable monthly deductions will still be repaid over the remaining months left up to 31 March, the fewer the months left in the year the higher the monthly repayments.

To purchase additional annual leave using Google Chrome, please follow these steps within Your Space and selecting the Mersey Care staff button. 

Your line manager will still need to authorise the request to purchase additional annual leave and this will also be completed through the SharePoint process.

If you have already tentatively submitted a paper request to purchase leave you will have been contacted to advise of this change in process along with the need to resubmit through SharePoint.  Paper requests will not be processed.

If you have any queries please email the People Services inbox at