What is the Practitioner Reference Group for Learning Disabilities?

The Practitioner Reference Group for Learning Disabilities (PRG4LD) is comprised of a core group of multidisciplinary clinician's with interest and experience in working with adults with learning disabilities from across our services and teams. It is inclusive of professional groups and is pan-borough in core membership. Whilst there is a core group of colleagues who meet regularly at the monthly PRG4LD meetings, participation with the PRG4LD is not exclusive to this meeting.  

A core role of the Practitioner Reference Group for Learning Disabilities is to support the quality development work of the Learning Disability Care Collaborative. However, it has a broader clinical development agenda also, as it is responsive to needs highlighted by our clinical teams where a pan-borough clinically-related response is required.  

You can support the Practitioner Reference Group for Learning Disabilities in a number of ways and we offer a number of spaces at each meeting to those who are interested in finding out about having greater involvement in this work programme. 

We want engagement from all our colleagues across the Trust, from those who specialise in working with adults with learning disabilities to those who have no expressed experience in provisioning healthcare support for this population: You all have something potentially valuable to contribute to the purposeful outputs of the PRG4LD and we welcome your contributions. 

The Clinical Lead and Chair of the PRG4LD is: Alastair Barrowcliff email: alastair.barrowcliff@merseycare.nhs.uk