Publish date: 7 April 2022

From 1 April 2022 we are now recording leave differently, this is in anticipation of merging systems with Merseycare.

You will now only need to record annual leave in Healthroster and once a month this information will be electronically loaded in to ESR. You no longer need to input annual leave into ESR. 

All team managers have been contacted to ask for them to confirm all employees annual leave, carried forward hours, any purchased leave and also bank holiday entitlements.

As we move to bring the systems together, a key change for all staff members will be the need to book bank holidays as leave. All staff will be required to use their bank holiday entitlement to book the bank holidays off if you are not due to be working. This includes all corporate, and services that are Monday to Friday.

To book leave, the process remains exactly the same in healthroster. You simply need to make sure you are highlighting the correct type of leave you are booking at the top of the screen e.g. booking annual leave highlight annual leave, purchased leave highlight purchased and bank holiday highlight the bank holiday leave. (please see illustration below)

Make sure you are looking at the right entitlement period for the time you wish to book.

Annual leave inputting image.png

You will then be able to book your leave following the usual process of either full or partial days as per the usual guidance.

Top tips

  • If you work anything other than a 7.5 hour day (under or over), ensure you book this as a partial day and to include the total number of hours leave you require
  • If you leave crossed a weekend, split this into 2 requests
  • Check your leave hours are correct in your booked hours section

View further guidance on HealthRoster