QPA 2023- 62 Escalation process for service disruption & other incidents of concern

QPA 2023- 61 Correct Assembly and Disposal of Clinical Waste *updated*

QPA 2023- 61 Correct Assembly and Disposal of Clinical Waste

QPA 2023-57 Concealed Blades in a Key Ring and a Vape *updated*

QPA 2023-60 Prescribing as a Non-Medical Prescriber

QPA 2023-59 Care of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tube

QPA 2023-58 Good Practice Prescribing ot Antimicrobials

QPA 2023-57 Concealed Blades in a Key Ring and a Vape

QPA 2023-56 Removal of kitchen appliance within non designated areas

*AMENDED* QPA 2023-55 Prohibited item – Plastic Bags

QPA 2023-55 Prohibited item – Plastic Bags

QPA 2023-54 Cardiac Chest Pain

QPA 2023-53 -Revised - GlucoRx HCT External Quality Assurance

QPA 2023-52 Safety risk with patient access to wooden cutlery

QPA 2023- 51 Recording of all contacts/discussions that take place with service users’ carer/family.

QPA 2023-50 - Contraindications of use of inadine and all forms of cadexomer iodine and povidone-iodine

QPA 2023-49 Patient identification – medicines administration

QPA 2023-48 v0.2 Duty of Candour updated Policy

QPA 2023-47 Ingestion of fruit stones and potential for Cyanide toxicity v.2

QPA 2023-46 Disposal of out-of-date COVID-19 tests and PPE

QPA 2023-45 Responsibility to Identify Carers and Refer for Carer’s Assessment

**Amended ** QPA 2023-43 Security of Controlled Drugs Keys v.2

QPA 2023-44 Subcutaneous prescribing and administration of medication for pain relief in the last days of life

QPA 2023-43 Security of Controlled Drugs Keys

QPA 2023-42 Prescribing on paper records for wards that have ePMA

QPA 2023-41 Use of Mattress Bags

QPA 2023-40 Potent synthetic opioids implicated in heroin overdoses and deaths.

QPA 2023-39 New Trust Wide MMP24 Safe Use of Clozapine Procedure

QPA 2023-38 Dealing with Temperature Excursions

QPA 2023-37 Incident reporting: Identification of the appropriate level of harm

QPA 2023-36 Quetiapine Modified Release (MR)– Good practice prescribing principles

QPA 2023-35 Discharge Planning from Inpatient Mental Health Wards

QPA 2023-34 High Risk Ligature Incidents in In-patients: Recording and Review of Risk Alerts within the Rio Clinical Record.

QPA 2023-33 to Charging of Electric Vehicles

Amended QPA 2023-32 Aripiprazole and impulsive behaviours

QPA 2023-23 Amended Urgent Class 1 Recall of Emerade Auto-injector v.2

QPA 2023-31 GlucoRx HCT External Quality Assurance

QPA 2023-30 Melatonin – Good practice prescribing principles

QPA 2023-29 QPA to Supporting people who may present with behaviours of concern

QPA 2023-28 v3 to promote Risk Assessment regarding the use of Sharps within the Community of Inoculation Injuries (formerly ‘Needle stick and Sharps’).

QPA 2023-27 Internal Transfer of Care; Inpatient Medication Records & Clinical Notes

QPA 2023-26 Security Alert - Knives disguised as pens

QPA 2023-25 Equipment update - Introduction of an Adult Bag Valve Mask (BVM) with a pre connected Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) filter

QPA 2023-24 Good Practice Prescribing of Antimicrobials

QPA 2023-23 Urgent Class 1 Recall of Emerade Auto-injector

QPA 2023-22 Administration of antipsychotic long acting injections and depot injections in the acute hospital setting

QPA 2023-21 Libre Flash blood Glucose monitoring

QPA 2023-20 Key testing for key operated fire alarm call point and emergency override door switches

QPA 2023-19 Removal of the build up of lint in tumble dryers to prevent fire

Quality Practice Alerts Template revised January 2023

QPA 2023-18 Wearing of a lap strap in a wheelchair

QPA 2023-17 Raising awareness of sodium nitrite as a potential means of suicide

QPA 2023-16 Patient identification

QPA 2023-15 Clonazepam added to restricted drug list

QPA 2023 -14 Reporting of Needle Stick and other blood borne/body fluid injuries to Occupational Health via the new Trust reporting system - Empactis

QPA 2023-13 Switch to a New Formulation of Paliperidone Palmitate Long-Acting Injection

QPA 2023-12 Identifying and Reporting of infrequently Used water outlets

QPA 2023-11 Choking Risks Trust Wide

QPA 2023-10 Importance of obtaining relevant contact details and informing, involving ‘significant other’ in patient care.

QPA 2023-09 Identification and management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

QPA 20223-08 Nursing Reviews of Secluded Patients – Code of Practice (CoP)

QPA 2023-07 Reporting injuries to patients under Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)

QPA 2023-06 Inadvertent Oral Administration of Potassium Permanganate

QPA 2023-05 Accurate completion of food and fluid charts during in patient admission

QPA 2023-04 Safeguarding Response to Patient on Patient assaultsv.2

QPA 2023-03 Ligature risk alert – Ceiling Vents

QPA 2023-02 Correct process to check and re-inflate the balloon on a balloon retained gastrostomy tube

QPA 2023-01 Safe prescribing of medication



QPA 2019-30 Administration of Medication


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Quality Practice Alerts - AllItems (merseycare.nhs.uk)

QPA Template Revised on 08.08.22

QPA 2022 - 44: Reminder of staff responsibilities relating to Controlled Drug Activities

QPA 2022 - 43: Carrying out and Recording Supportive Observations in Secure and SpLD Division

QPA 2022 - 51: Novo Rapid Insulin 100 units in 1ml and Saxenda Liraglutide 6mg in 1ml pre filled pen

QPA 2022: 65 Safe and Therapeutic Leave (v2)

QPA 2022 - 66: Staff who sustain a head injury V2