Publish date: 12 November 2021

Following the recent surveys of staff and managers based at Babbage House (LIP), V7 building, Hollins Park House (and Burlington House) regarding hybrid working, a preliminary review has been carried out to determine what is needed in the future in terms of desks and meeting space. Currently there are 850 desks available and numerous meeting rooms across the three HQ buildings. The results of the surveys have indicated that with the implementation of appropriate hybrid working arrangements 550 desks and a reconfiguration of meeting spaces will suffice for our future needs.

Due to the lease coming to an end on Babbage House early in 2023, and the challenges that the site brings, for example, with parking, the Executive Team has asked that a feasibility exercise be carried out to assess the possibility of vacating Babbage House toward the end of 2022, and this piece of work is already underway. Staff engagement is critical in understanding viability so we will be talking to staff and managers on all three sites over the next few months. This is in order to confirm future working arrangements for all affected teams.

Emma Welsby is the project manager on this and she and her team will be in contact with various teams. Work is hoped to be completed on this exercise in January 2022.

Over the next 12 month period detailed plans will be developed. Alongside this, policies around hybrid working will also be developed. As soon as more information is available we will share it with you. In the meanwhile if you have any questions, please speak to your manager or email: