Welcome to the YourSpace area where you can find the latest news and information about the move to Fairhaven (new name to be agreed - find out more below). The newly refurbished ward will have ten beds, as it does now, with five male and five female beds.

The model of care has been refreshed and this will be shared with all key stakeholders prior to the move.

Naming engagement

It is important that public buildings are easily identifiable for all patients, staff and visitors. It is also important that national guidelines for NHS branding and corporate branding for Mersey Care forms an essential part of each building’s identity.

What this new development is named will really matter for people using services, for local people and those who navigate around the area as well as our staff who will work there.  A new service is a source of pride. Its identity should be a positive and easily understandable addition to the community. Mersey Care has a clear protocol for naming new sites – and we need to hear ideas from those who use our services, our staff, our stakeholders and friends. You can see the protocol on YourSpace and the main points are:

  • the name may have historical, geographical or cultural significance
  • it needs to be short and accessible and be in line with Mersey Care’s vision and values
  • it should help to identify the premises (such as ‘hospital’ or ‘clinic’) and contribute to the sense of community
  • the name should be future-proofed in case of later transformation or change of services there
  • ideally, the name shouldn’t be in use anywhere else to avoid confusion, especially for health providers, and not be that of a living person or something in copyright.

If you have positive ideas for the building’s identity, please complete the online form. You can submit more than one response. 

The Trust’s final decision will be announced in the summer.

Latest news

The latest news about the site and the move will be posted here.