Publish date: 26 May 2021

From 1 June, there will be some changes to the corporate communications channels you’re used to. There will be a future review of staff communications across the enlarged Mersey Care, but for now, you will receive your updates as below.

If you have any questions, please email:

Current communications channel


Timing / frequency


New channel from  1 June




All staff


Weekly Update

General updates and news for the week ahead


Monday afternoon

All staff

Weekly newsletter each Friday

Thank you and well done email

Email from Chief Executive and Chair summing up key messages and thank yous from the week


Friday afternoon

All staff

Joe Rafferty’s (Mersey Care’s Chief Executive) blog each Monday

Covid-19 updates

Covid-related messages and updates

Tuesday / Thursday afternoon as needed

All staff

Mersey Care Covid-19 updates Tuesdays and Thursdays as needed

Preparing for transfer briefing

Practical information ahead of transfer


Wednesday afternoon

All staff

Will continue to support you to settle in

Live Q&A

Online Q&A with Chief Executive and executives / opportunity to ask any questions


Day and time changes

All staff

Looking at continuing a version of this for former North West Boroughs staff to support you to settle in

Core brief

High-level cascade briefing aligned to strategic priorities


First Tuesday of the month

All staff

Mersey Care equivalent is currently paused

Lock screen

Key messages on computer lock screen – changed frequently


All staff

This will continue to be used

Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing messages


Wednesday afternoon

All staff

This will pause while staff communications is reviewed

Team Care Kit tip of the week

Simple, practical tips to help managers support their teams


Monday lunchtime

Managers band 7 and above

This will pause while staff communications is reviewed

Targeted emails

Specific one-off messages for particular staff groups



Divisional briefings as necessary.

Other targeted communications will pause. Work is ongoing with IT to enable this to continue.

Ad-hoc all staff emails

Urgent information that cannot wait until the next update


All staff

Memos for urgent messages that cannot wait until the next update