Publish date: 2 June 2021

A message for on behalf of the Organisational Effectiveness and Learning Team

Welcome to all,

An incredible future awaits us with our collaboration now official. The Organisational Effectiveness and Learning Team would like to add our warmest welcome; we are really excited about working together and the opportunities ahead. We will be getting in touch to share the support you can expect to fulfil your potential and the combined offer that we have, bringing together the fabulous work of both Organisational Effectiveness/Development teams. You will hear more about our Leadership Development programmes, support for High Performing Teams and our Restorative Just and Learning Culture, together with our learning curriculum.

Today we would like to invite you to view a further welcome message from Prof. Joe Rafferty, reflecting on our mission to deliver Perfect Care together with our goals of: Zero Suicide, Zero Medication Errors, Zero Falls, Zero Racism, Intolerance and Disrespect. You can view this message by clicking on the image below.

Joe rafferty image.png

We would also like to share with you a short film clip sharing some reflections of the past year and introducing you to some of the faces of Mersey Care people.

We are so pleased to be working together now and facing the next challenges as one united organisation.

As we look forward, you have heard about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ we bring our organisational strategy to life via the recent engagement sessions and we will be bringing you more details of these and the support available to help you play your part.

We will be also writing to invite you to join ‘Your Voice, Your Change’ Mega Conversations very soon, where we listen and learn from each other and share our thoughts on what’s working well for us, what our barriers are and how we address them and talk about the changes we need for our future. Watch this space!

All the very best,

The Organisational Effectiveness and Learning Team