Publish date: 31 May 2021

As part of the transfer to Mersey Care, Informatics Merseyside will be migrating IT services, taking effect from 1 June. Most of the activity will be automated and will not require any action from staff. However, some staff interaction will be needed as set out below.

Please read the following carefully to understand what this means for you and what will change.

Logon and applications

  • You will continue to login to your PC or laptop using your current NWBH username and password.

  • Access to all clinical systems and desktop applications will remain unchanged.

  • Access to personal and shared data/drives (for example the G:\ drive) will remain unchanged.

  • Access to network printers will remain unchanged.

  • Smartcard access will remain unchanged.


  • Your email address will change from to (eg from to  

  • Your email data will be transferred from your current mailbox to your new mailbox.

  • IMPORTANT: Please be patient as your existing emails may take some time to download to your new mailbox (this could take up to 24 hours), but will not prevent you sending or receiving new emails.

  • You will send and receive emails from your new address.

  • You will continue to receive emails sent to your address.

  • Any emails sent to your email address from 10am on Monday 31 May will sit in a queue to be delivered to your new email address from Tuesday 1 June 2021.

    • IMPORTANT: Anyone working on Monday 31 May will experience disruption to their email service between 10am and 5pm – further information will be shared separately.

  • If a already exists, your email address will be changed to add an identifying number (eg from to We are identifying anyone who will be affected by this and will communicate further details separately.

  • If you already have a mailbox you will keep this email address and your data will be combined with your email data. Anyone affected by this will receive further details separately.

  • You will retain access to any shared mailbox that you currently access.

  • All current calendar permissions and data will transfer to your new calendar.

  • IMPORTANT: If you have any issues accessing your email in the usual way through Outlook, please use Outlook Web Access (OWA) at and login using your email address and usual network password to access your email.


  • Your current Teams data will be transferred as part of your email migration.

  • ACTION: you will need to sign out of Teams on 1 June and sign back in using your new address and usual login password, as detailed under the email section above (this also applies if you use the Teams app on any mobile devices). A user guide is available to help with this if you need it.

Desk telephones and mobile devices

  • Access to desk phones, mobile phones and telephony in general will remain unchanged.

Desktop background

  • This will change to the Mersey Care default background.

Network and Wi-Fi

  • Corporate Wi-Fi will continue to be accessible in all relevant buildings.

  • You will continue to use your mobile devices (iPads, laptops) on the Wi-Fi current Wi-Fi.

  • Your current VPN and access will remain unchanged.

IT service desk and support

  • Please continue to contact the MMDA (formerly HIS) service desk for any IT-related issues – 0151 676 5678.

Online IT courses

  • The NWBH IT Training Team is now part of Informatics Merseyside. From 1 June, your online Microsoft courses and digital learning solutions (formerly known as the IT Skills Pathway) will be migrated across from NWBH to the Informatics Merseyside platform. You should not see a difference; however, if you want to enrol onto a new course or register as a new user, please follow this guidance.

  • If you do experience any difficulties in accessing your course after 1 June, please email