Publish date: 1 June 2021

As part of the transfer to Mersey Care, more than 4,800 email accounts and shared inboxes have been migrated from their North West Boroughs email accounts to their new accounts over the weekend. 

Overall, the migration was successful; however, there have been some specific issues with profiles which have impacted users accessing their new email accounts and legacy emails. Please be assured we are working to rectify these issues as a priority.
•    You will continue to login to your PC or laptop (the first logon screen when you switch your computer on) using your existing username and password. For email you should logon using the username with your existing password.
•    Access to all clinical systems and desktop applications will remain unchanged.
•    Access to personal and shared data/drives (for example the G drive) will remain unchanged.
Email issues
If you are having difficulties connecting to your emails on Outlook, please go to your desktop and locate the following icon:


Double click the icon and a black screen will be displayed to run a program (which will happen automatically). Once the program completes, the black will screen close. Please try Outlook again. If successful, you will be prompted for your usual logon password, please enter this and then your new Mersey Care email account will be displayed.
If the above does not work, please contact your IT helpdesk using the contact details on your desktop background or raise your issues with the engineers who are onsite across key sites all week.
In the meantime, you can access your emails using Outlook Web Access by locating the following icon on your desktop:


Double click on the icon and login using your email address and usual network password to access your email.

Accessing your new Mersey Care Teams account will not happen automatically. You will need to sign out of Teams and sign back in using your new address and usual login password. This also applies if you use the Teams app on any mobile devices.